Cranachan – food (porridge) of the Gods

I first ate this ambrosial Scottish dessert of raspberries, honey, whisky, cream and oats at Frank’s Cafe, the amazing temporary restaurant and bar on top of Peckham’s multi-storey car park.   Frank’s has one of the best views in London, great food, and a unique setting.

Last year I planted some raspberry canes.  This year, despite the weather, I have a decent crop.   A first attempt at cranachan felt like an excellent way to celebrate the harvest, and I used this recipe from Nigel Slater.

Cranachan - ingredients

And five minutes later, here’s the finished product:

Cranachan - Porridge of the Gods

Brilliant!  Sucha fantastic desert, so easy and quick to make.  To my taste, the recipe could use a few more oats – maybe an extra 100g, but perhaps that is because I used rolled oats.

I also discovered when I went back for seconds, it tastes so much better if you leave it to stand for ten minutes.

The recipe is for four servings, so it’s cranachan again tonight, hurrah!  I’ll find out what it’s like after standing for 24 hours.

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