My name is David Gullen. I make stuff up and I don’t know how to stop.

The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms

“Sparking with ideas – and immensely readable and fun.” Amazon reviews

“I read the book in two days and couldn’t put it down”  Fan mail

“A quirky gem of a book on land and sea. Recommended.”
Amazon review

“Escapism? Absolutely! And what more could you ask for with all the craziness going on in the world. This book is an absolute delight and I strongly recommend it.” Kate Kelly, Yeovil Prize Winner

“Sparking with ideas – and immensely readable and fun.” Amazon review

“from the same well as Pratchett and Adams (think Good Omens and Dirk Gently but at a tangent) but in as unique a voice as theirs.” Peter Sutton Reviews

Tim Wassiter, P.I. is a new-age detective. No old-school cynicism, no cheap whisky in the drawer. He drinks tea, keeps chickens, and believes in magic. His ex-partner mocks him and the old lady down the road just wants him to find her missing cat. But Tim knows magic works and he can use it to solve crime.

Now Tim has his first real client, a mysterious and attractive woman with some powerful, dangerous, and increasingly impatient friends. As things get more violent, more bewildering and more utterly weird,

Tim discovers the case is bigger than he ever imagined.
Because everything is connected – from missing cats to warming oceans, sea-monsters and little white flowers, the past and the future, even the crazy stranger who stepped out of his dreams. And everyone is looking for a girl who almost certainly does not exist. The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms.

And magic isn’t just real, it’s probably going to get him killed.

Warning! May contain mermaids, cats, magic, and sea monsters.

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Once Upon a Parsec

“there are some cracking tales here … some of them twist your perception around and leave you thinking about them after you’ve finished reading.” SFcrowsnest

“this is a first-rate set of stories” Amazon review

For over two hundred years scholars and writers such as Mary Alicia Owen, Andrew Lang, Annette Hamilton, and the Brothers Grimm have collected and retold folk and fairy stories from around our world.

On distant planets alien chroniclers have done the same. Worlds which may be as natural in origin as our own, artificial ringworlds, generation star-ships, or space colonies.

Read their alien fairy stories, as told by a stellar group of writers including Adrian Tchaikovsky, Una McCormack, Chris Beckett, Aliya Whiteley, Paul Di Filippo, Gaie Sebold, and many more.

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“Seriously, you need this book.”  Mike Carey, BAFTA nominated author of The Girl with All the Gifts

Take from the rich, and shop for the poor. A Bonnie and Clyde for the Trump Era.

“One of the most original books I’ve read in many years. It’s mad and bad and you need to read it.”  Jaine Fenn, author of the Hidden Empire novels.

Novik is an idealist on the run in a talking car with a trunk full of hot money. The first female President of the USA is mad. The richest man who ever lived can’t save his dying daughter. A few days from now there will be global nuclear war. 

The End is so Nigh the aliens have turned up to watch.

To save the world and a dying girl, Novik has to buy everything. Absolutely all of it. Right now.  To do that, he needs all the money in the world.  Every single penny.  His girlfriend is right beside him; the car wants to be his friend. Everyone else wants him dead.

“A clever, dark and often very funny satire on rapacious capitalism.”Chris Beckett, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award

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Third Instar – a novella

“feverish invention is on full display here, with an impressive amount of incident and detail packed into just 54 pages, which conclude on an appropriately haunting note.” Adam Groves, The Bedlam Files

“a small masterpiece of captivating and hauntingly beautiful storytelling with a touch of dreamlike surrealism. It’s one of the most intriguing fantasy novellas I’ve read during the recent months.” Rising Shadow review

In a city poised on the edge of the world the grifter Mazehew hustles to survive. Everyone who comes to look over the Edge has their  reasons, but Mazehew didn’t like the sky beyond the railings, a sky that reached up and out and also down. He didn’t like the utter absence of ground inches from his feet, or the way the blue air faded to stars in the evening, up and out, and also down.

Then Mazehew meets a young woman and his life and his place in the world is changed forever.

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The Redensive Epiphanies of Pouty McNavel

Victim or perpetrator, woman and man,
She’s on a journey, he’s on a quest.
Doing what we all do – trying to understand.
It’s just beyond his grasp; she knows it’s round the next corner.

An illustrated anthology of alternative lives and journeys.

“I enjoyed all of the stories and the exploration of just what it all means. And I think you will too.” – suttope, librarything

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Open Waters

Open Waters… Across which the voyager will sail to wars without end and to the hiding places of the desperate survivors of alien invasion, will follow in the footsteps of lonely, far-from-home explorers and colonists, journey back to Creation itself then burrow into the darker recesses of the human psyche.

“Sixteen tales of terrible beauty from the imagination of David Gullen.”

Open Waters brings together 12 previously published stories, and 4 exclusive to this collection.

“A collection with heart and imaginationPeter Sutton, BRSBKBLOG

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Mind Seed

Mind Seed Lulu 6x9_Front_Cover “I would recommend the ‘Mind Seed’ anthology to all Science Fiction fans as it’s something you will read and read again.” – SFcrowsnest

Nine classic and original science fiction stories from exceptional contemporary writers, including Shirley Jackson Award Nominee Rosanne Rabinowitz, Aeon Award winner Nina Allen, and Ian Whates.

Nine stories that will take you to the worlds we may live in tomorrow, into deep space, and towards the far future of humanity. Nine different explorations of what it is to be human.

This anthology is inspired by the work and writing of Denni Schnapp (1964-2013, Biologist, SF writer, and traveller.)

All profits to Next Generation Nepal, an anti-child-trafficking charity

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  1. Read your story The Moss Kings in May/June 2019 Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine. I thought it was excellent. My kind of thing. Is this a ‘snapshot’ from a larger work-in-progress? Or maybe the first in a series of short stories? At any rate, I’d be delighted to read more about the characters in The Moss Kings. It’s not easy cutting through the noise, as it were, in terms of the amount of writing ‘out there’ but your voice on the page in F&SF (not that I’m saying its contents was otherwise noise) was striking and resonated. Thanks and well done.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it when people take the time to write, I am much encouraged. You’ll be pleased to know I’m working on a second ‘Moss Kings’ story at the moment, and I’m intrigued by the direction it is taking me. And thank you also for your kind comments on voice, with this story the setting really helped.
      With best wishes, David.

      • That’s good news and thanks for the reply. I hope F&SF magazine buys the new ‘Moss Kings’ story, in which case I imagine I’ll be back here again at some point enthusing about it. All the best.

        • I came here right after reading the story, also looking for more! How’s the new story coming? I hope it’s going to be a novel?
          I think you’ve really got an excellent idea here. (Mind you, I’ve never read any other work by you, but now I know you’re out there, I’ll be fixing that!)

          Thanks so much for writing this one, for me… because yes, I prefer to think of it like that. My hubs calls me a druid because of my need to grow and be surrounded by plants.

          And now I’m expecting a Moss King to appear out of the woods just east of our property…

          • Thank you, I’m really delighted you like the story, that it resonated with you so well. My wife calls me a druid, but I too just like working in the garden and helping things grow.

            There’s not so much a sequel as another story set in the same world. It’s called The Glass Dragon, and part one is in issue 9 of Tales from the Magician’s Skull. They have taken part two as well, I think it will be in issue 10, though I’m not sure.

            Many thanks for taking the time to write, all the best to you and your plants.


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    • Hello Emad, that is a very interesting article you linked to there. My best wishes to everyone involved in Egyptian SF.
      You are right, I am a big fan of John Brunner, although it has been a while since I read one of his books. For me Shockwave Rider and Stand on Zanzibar are his two great visionary books. How about you?

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