Jerningham 2 (that is to say, Part 1)

Jerningham FlyerLast week I took part in the Jerningham on Jerningham event – the life and poetry of the c18 poet Edward Jerningham in Jerningham Road, New Cross Gate . One of my readings was from his epic saga, The Rise & Fall of Northern Poetry. Frankly, it’s not that bad, and compared to the rest of Jerningham’s poetry it’s blood brilliant. (In fact it was about the only work of his to garner any contemporary praise.)

I enjoyed the reading so much I decided to record* a reading of the the entire section. Bear in mind I’m not a professional audio narrator, but like Edward Jerninghm, I did my best and I meant well.

So, here it is as an MP3 – The Rise and Fall of Northern Poetry, by Edward Jerningham (1727-1812).


* Recorded using a Blue Yeti USB mike, and Audacity software. Both are brilliant, Audacity is free. Sound effects are mainly vox humana with some effects.

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