Live Performance! Jerningham, Bard of New Cross Gate!

Jerningham FlyerWho really was the Edward Jerningham (1727-1812), described by Fanny Burney as that ‘mighty delicate gentleman’ and by William Gifford as ‘weeping at the age of fifty ‘o’er love-lorn oxen and deserted sheep‘?

You can find out a little about him here, or read about his membership of the deadly top-secret Della Cruscans romantic poetry society!
But – and this is the important thing –  was his poetry any good?


You could always read some. But poetry is meant to be read, to be performed.

So, why not come to Jerningham Road, New Cross Gate this Sunday, 29 March, at Midday, and listen the readings and performances of his poetry and plays taking place all along his eponymous road!

Performances including, I blush to mention, my own. Yes, gentle reader, my own vocal chords are being put to service in honour of this little-known student of poesy!

You can rest assured that the enthusiasm and sincerity of each and every one of these readings will be at a fitting level to make a worthy tribute to the quality of Jerningham’s work.



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