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If you like short stories, my first collection is a great place to start exploring mine.

16 stories, 12 previously published and 4 exclusive to this collection. Including the Aeon Award winning Where the Sun Shines Brightly.


You can also read a few of them below, for free.

Free Stories

Where the Sun Shines Brightly           Read it Here    Read it on WattPad

The Deep One                                     Read it Here    Read it on WattPad

All Your Futures Are Belong To Us     Read it Here    Read it on WattPad

Other Stories:

My short fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. Here are a few of them. Mouse over the covers for more details.

Albedo One #43

Albedo One #43

Fur-lined Ghettos #3 cover

Fur-lined Ghettos #3

Scraps, National flash-fiction cover.

NFFD Flash Anthology

Times of Trouble

Time travel stories, Permuted Press

Catastrophia antho.

Catastrophia anthology, from PS Publishing

Art from Art

Stories inspired by art, from Modernist Press



Short Stories — 1 Comment

  1. G’day David,

    As you like yarns, and given your surname, you may like this real one and be able interested and possibly to assist.

    There is a wreck, found, lost, found, lost, in the sand dunes of Stradbroke island, billed often as a Spanish Galleon. See the net for Greg Jeffreys info. Big fuss in 1921

    However, I have dug up some other reports, 1843 and 1924, that say on its stern was carved “Gullen” with “Ayr” beneath. It had muntz metal sheeting, stamped plus assayed. So 1830s or later. Ayrshire library very helpful, but no luck.

    Seems there were fishing vessels named Gullen as being where built and some other port below, as where registered. She was of English oak, about 400-500 tons estimated, original length about 400 ft. A timber-carrier. Rig unknown. Actual name perhaps carved higher, but not preserved

    Does your family have any record of themselves or the town of Gullen building timber carriers, and of one vanshing withouttrace near Australia?

    If not Spanish this story is a key part of the first real resistance from the aborigines and strays, to the convict system. Strays had to claim Spanish origin, as no free British subjects were then allowed near Brisbane. So some of the the Stradbroke aborigines now claim Spanish descent. Some they had, but probably not from the “Galleon,” which is what they called the Gullan, getting it read to them.

    Get back if so minded. ta for your time, so far, anyway.


    Peter Spencer Ravenscroft. Geologist/social anthropologist/aging grump. Ravenswood Wildlife Sanctuary (Google “Rescue Ravenswood “ if interested) Closeburn, Queensland, Australia. Ph: international 617 3289 4470 Email Ex-Cape Town, for 26 years.

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