Friday Flash – Desert Night

Desert Night

‘So, yeah, this is where I crash. Come in.’

‘I found the lamp in a skip. The mattress was already here.’

‘I need a proper light so I can read.’

‘The books? Charity shops.’

‘Yeah, I know it’s still stealing. I can’t go to libraries-‘

‘Here? It’s just me.’

‘Most nights I sit and read. I read for hours.’

‘No, I don’t pay for the electricity.’

‘Candles? How the fuck can I afford-?’

‘Sorry. It’s just…’

“Look, ah, before you go- You couldn’t see your way-‘

‘Thanks, man, really appreciate it. Seriously, dude.’

‘Yeah, anytime. See you around.’


Number 15 in the ‘Beyond the Streets‘ sequence.


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