Not a Christmas Missive — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Guys

    Dave, we are thinking about you. The way you broke the news here in such a positive, humorous, educational and serious way sums up your personality perfectly. Thanks for making it easy for us to hear. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Please consider returning to Sweden. And I’m hoping to be in London in February. Maybe we can meet up. I’d like to ask your opinion on some world building plans I have.


    Colm, Anette and Conan.

  2. If I could fly back to the UK right now, I’d hug you like a limpet, Dave. Until then, I’m sending you a virtual one.
    When I eventually get back (2022, 2023, who knows?), I’ll make sure to ask someone qualified to practise their finger wave up my bottom!
    Wishing you and Gaie good health and much happiness throughout 2022 and beyond.

  3. One hell of a year Dave. Joy and sadness. Love to you and Gaie. Keep on doing the things that bring you happiness. Difficult to imagine the burden your diagnosis puts upon you mentally any physically. Best wishes from Janet and me

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