The Future of Humanity

Just a few years from now advances in physics lead to a full understanding of gravity, and our ability to manipulate gravitational fields. Humanity being what it is, the first commercial application was the anti-gravity brassiere. As with all new … Continue reading

Friday Flash – I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told

This week the Friday Flash is a ‘guest post’ from my alter-ego, Lord Plott. ~ Ulysses Plot was thinking about his book. This meant walking around in the garden and staring at plants. The sunflowers were doing well, a few … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Portrait of God as a Novelist

‘I love all my characters equally. Let’s face it, they wouldn’t be there if I didn’t want them to be. Every single one has a part to play, big and small. I feel their pain, their triumphs, their loves and … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Pillow Talk

The fight was over. Grishnak checked the old man’s kit: a pointed hat, an empty pouch, a big stick. Further back in the cave Krange crouched over the smaller body. ‘Anything?’ Grishnak called. Krange help up an over-large dagger. Too … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Evil in Paradise

They called in her dreams: Beyond the compost heap, among the foxgloves. She found them in the morning sun, gossamer humanoid things, large-eyed and curious. They fluttered all around her and trilled with laughter: You came. One by one she … Continue reading

Friday Flash – She’s Just a Kid

‘What’s that got to do with anything? Look at her.’ Angry, Hulce banged the cage with his mace. Angry, and frightened too. They had captured grey children before. It wasn’t easy. Scissor men and ghouls always followed close behind, the … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Breakdown

Alone in the midnight alley Rositer gave the thing in the shadows a sickly grin. ‘You’re a real vampire.’ The creature loomed darkly. ‘Indeed.’ ‘You want to bite me?’ ‘We do not want. We yearn, we crave-’ The vampire swept … Continue reading

Friday Flash – An Offer To Die For

Bardolf had gone and Amroye was confused. This was her life, her future. Her father, kind in his own way, had duties and obligations. As did she. If not Bardolf, then – another. Lost in thought she wandered the crumbling … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Beer O’Clock

He’d survived it all, and more. He’d taken every hellish thing life had thrown at him and here he was, under blue skies with sand between his toes. Alf limped back from the café, two ice-cream cones in his good … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Beer O’Clock

Last night the lights came down from the sky, the first time for years. Marek watched from the stern rail as they pelted away, silent and golden. Afterwards, he went down to his cabin, undressed, and climbed into bed beside … Continue reading