Mind Seed – A Science Fiction Anthology

I’m pleased, thrilled, chuffed and delighted to announce that Mind Seed, the anthology I Mind Seed Front Coverco-edited with Gary Couzens*, and also published, is now born, hatched, germinated and in full bloom as a brand-new paperback.

We’ve some great stories here, all from excellent writers, (some not as well-known as they deserve to be). There’s Shirley Jackson Award nominated Rosanne Rabinowitz, Aeon Award winner Nina Allen, and that one-man publishing phenomenon Ian Whates, of NewCon Press. And we also have stories from Helen Callaghan, Fox McGeever, Martin Owton, Markus Wolfson, Deborah Walker, and Denni Schnapp. (Gary also has a credit, with a story he co-wrote with Martin.)

Everyone deserved mentioning by name not only because they are contributors and deserve it, but because every writer here gave us their stories for free. Mind Seed is a charity anthology and every penny of profit is going to the anti-child-trafficking charity, Next Generation Nepal.

The reason we’re doing this is Denni Schnapp. Denni was a member of the writing group I, and many of the contributors to the anthology, belong to. When she died in early in 2013 we, and her husband, John Howroyd, thought this would be the perfect way to remember her, and celebrate her life. Denni was a biologist, SF writer and traveller, Next Generation Nepal is a charity that meant a great deal to her.

And so Mind Seed came into being.

Nine stories that will take you to the worlds we may live in tomorrow, into deep space, and towards the far future of humanity.

Nine different explorations of what it is to be human.

You can get your copy here.


* Award-Winning editor of Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music


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