Friday Flash – She’s Just a Kid

‘What’s that got to do with anything? Look at her.’

Angry, Hulce banged the cage with his mace. Angry, and frightened too.

They had captured grey children before. It wasn’t easy. Scissor men and ghouls always followed close behind, the children themselves were animals, savages. Hulce had seldom been more grateful for his armour.

Grey children never spoke. They didn’t need to. Their presence this side of the river said more than words.

The ragged girl jerked upright, turned, faced south. Now they had a direction.

‘Kill it,’ Hulce ordered. ‘Kill it and burn the body.’


#30 in the ‘Beyond the Streets‘ sequence – a series of 100-word flash fiction.


Friday Flash – She’s Just a Kid — 5 Comments

    • Since starting these 100-word pieces it’s been an education discovering how much you can say in so few words. I’ve learned a lot. Trimming down from 120 or even 150 words is much easier than trying to find more to say when it comes in at 78 words and you feel like you said it all.

    • Thanks, Steve. This is riffing on characters and events in my latest novel in draft. And yes, this part of the world is a very unpleasant and dangerous placer to be.

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