Friday Flash – Breakdown

Alone in the midnight alley Rositer gave the thing in the shadows a sickly grin. ‘You’re a real vampire.’

The creature loomed darkly. ‘Indeed.’

‘You want to bite me?’

‘We do not want. We yearn, we crave-’

The vampire swept forwards. Rositer scampered back. ‘Listen – I can take you away from this.’ He pressed his phone into the creature’s clammy hand. ‘Let’s do- supper!’

The vampire looked down at the phone. ‘When’s a good time-?‘

Rositer dashed away into the night. ‘I’ll call you!’

The vampire withdrew into the shadows.

Hollywood was starting to feel like a mistake.


No. 29 in the ‘Beyond the Streets‘ sequence – a series of 100-word flash fiction.


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