Kraken Rises at Bristol Festival of Literature

Running over 9 days, featuring over 50 authors, the Bristol Festival of Literature runs 19-27 October at various locations city-wide in Bristol

This year I’m one of the six writers involved in the Kraken Rises! event on the 19th October.

“A comet in the sky heralds weirdness for Bristol. Write your way to safety! Join a one-day writing competition, with the help of six authors based at secret locations. Make your own book, try ‘cut-up’ techniques, investigate digital futures, explore interactive maps. Ten best entries win publication in an anthology by Angry Robot. The winning tale will be performed at the Unputdownable Speakeasy,.”

With – David Gullen, Jonathan Howard, Tim Maughan, Emma Newman, Gareth Powell, Gaie Sebold.

We’ll be there with clues, pointers, suggestions and ideas for characters and situations – then it’s up to you to write your own story set against the backdrop of the comet, and the Kraken! This is going to be great fun – if I wasn’t already on one side of this event I’d be on the other, writing my own story.

There is also a competition to design cover art for the Angry Robot book – more details on the Festival web site.


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