Friday Flash – Epilogue


‘Just leave him alone, Pablo.  He’s in one of his moods.’

Pablo looked at his grandfather more sympathetically than his mother.  The old man was rich, but he’d grown up poor, missing out on many things his own generation took for granted.

Pablo knelt beside his grandfather’s chair.  ‘What’s up, granddad?’

‘What’s up?  I’ll tell you, young man.  All my life I worked hard.  The things I did…  Now children can breathe under water, soon we’ll be able to live off sunlight and never grow old.  All I get is immunity to cancer.  And I’m supposed to be satisfied.’



Friday Flash – Epilogue — 3 Comments

  1. I really like this as an epilogue. There’s a lot packed in here, I think. Like John I drew a link between his hard work and being rich and the fact people can now live forever. Seems like a smart, bitter old man!

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