Friday Flash – Down, but not out

Down, but not out

Tension drained from him as he watched the land drop away.  Settling back into his seat, thoughts of the glittering beaches of his destination filled him with less enthusiasm than he hoped.  Despite everything, the past year had depleted both his body and spirit.  Exhaustion was ingrained like coalminer’s dust.

The light plane lost height, skimming over the Caribbean waves.  Reflexively he touched the slim aluminium briefcase then, regarded the still-sleeping young woman with the freshly bandaged head.

As he watched, she woke up.  Turning to him, she smiled.  ‘I know exactly what you’re thinking.’



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    • I don’t think so! He’s worked hard for what he wanted and now he’s got it – does anyone really know what that feels like beforehand. What that is – and what he did – is best knwon by him alone. Any story leaves some room for the reader, these vignettes leave a lot more space, hopefully together they form a whole. If they want to, the reader can imagine what happens in between.
      Thanks for coming by.

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