Friday Flash – Pretty Please

Pretty Please

Kaltenbruner checked Tiffany’s bonds. ‘Potassium metal placed on your scalp will burn as soon as it touches the moisture in your skin.  The reaction is highly exothermic.  Your skin will blister and break so bringing more water, in the form of blood, to sustain the reaction.’

Gripped by the tweezers, the potassium steamed in the air.

‘This  one centimeter cube will burn through your skull and drop into your brain, where combustion would continue.’

‘The flame has an attractive pale lilac colour.’ Kaltenbrunner licked his lips. ‘I’ve thought of everything, Ms Maddox.  You’ve got it, I want it.’



Friday Flash – Pretty Please — 2 Comments

  1. Disturbing. I agree with Ganymeder. My mind is now busy constructing the rest of the story. I like that. And I had to read it twice before I realised I’d got the last line the wrong way round.

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