Eat My Speculative Shorts!

7pm GMT this Wednesday (1st March) I’ll be taking part in one of the free Glasgow 2024 WorldCon online fringe events.

“Eat my Speculative Shorts” is a panel discussion on that wonderful story form – the short story.

Speculative short fiction is a booming industry… but do we show it the love it deserves? Are short stories a stepping stone for novels or a career in their own right? Is the TikTok generation a boon or a curse for shorts? Do publishers show enough support for shorts?

If this sounds like your thing, come join me with Commonwealth Short Story Award nominated Kenechi Udogu, Utopia Award nominated Ana Sun and James White Award nominated J.W. Allen as we travel through multiverse genres, publishing deserts, independent lands, slush-reading sorcerers, and more. Tickets are free.

It’s going to be a fun, lively, and interesting discussion. Everyone is welcome.

Here’s the event link

Did i mention it’s free?

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