Friday Flash – A Spiral Staircase

A while ago I wrote a series of 100-word stories – exactly 100 words, including the title, with a group of other writers. It was good fun, an interesting discipline, and nothing much came of it.  Later on I reworked some of mine into a very loose structure I called ‘A Spiral Staircase’, and again did nothing with them.  So I decided I’d post them here, one a week.

So, here’s the first one:

Art for Art’s sake

It’s not that Tiffany wanted fame or wealth, or even notoriety.  It was a good feeling when a stranger appreciated what you’d done because they didn’t have to like it.  Too often friends said ‘Oh, yeah, that’s really good’, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  But that wasn’t what she needed to hear: it didn’t help her improve.  She really didn’t mind if nobody even knew that she did it, although it was nice sometimes to connect. 

In the end it all came down to self-expression, she thought, as her mark entered the sights.



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