Review – The Beauty, by Aliya Whiteley

The BeautyAn isolated group of men live in a world without women.  Over the years they have learned to accept this fact, and that they will be the final generation.  It has not been easy. Each of them has their demons and they have all had to reconcile themselves to the different ways the other members of the group have chosen to live their lives.

Then,  unexpected and unasked for, the possibility of companionship emerges from the world. And if wanted, love.

Aliya Whiteley has written a compelling, unsettling story.  If you want, read it simply for the strangeness, the near-magical otherness of this tale and its odd and sinister humanity.  If you want more  it is there. The Beauty is a deeply human and thoughtful book that poses absorbing questions: How do we survive when there can be no survival? How do we love when there is nobody to return that love? Is it possible to truly know someone? How do we reconcile ourselves to each others unknowable differences?

In the end are there really no answers, only ways forward?

Unsung Stories continues on its mission to publish original, entertaining, and thought provoking fiction. The Beauty is an excellent example, and a great place to start. Highly recommended.


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