Embryo novel – first peak.

SpreadNo, not a novel about embryos (hmm, makes quick note), but here’s my 0.02 draft of a new SF novel. As usual this consists of a whole lot of little bits of paper laid out in rows according to Acts, scenes, events, and sometimes just little snatches of dialogue.

First rough notes are at the top, plus a quick sketch of an undergound city, and a few crumpled-up ideas that didn’t make the cut.

This is how I’ve always liked to work at this stage, which is somewhere between wild brain-storming and structured design. There’s something about the pen*/eye/paper thing that suits my mind well and lets the ideas flow.

I know a lot of people like Scrivener, and I’m sure it’s easier on the knees, but for now I’m doing things the way I like to do them. Tired now. I may eat some crisps.


* A nice pen. A fountain pen.


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