New pots for old

JpegThe big cycad broke her* pot recently (which goes to show the power of plants).

So this weekend it was a trip to the local garden center, always such a chore, to buy a new and bigger pot. It was nice to find one in the same Mediterranean blue.

Re-potting was a two-man job – thanks Gaie! Gloves were definitely needed. Cycads might look all soft and fern-like but their leaves are tough with spikey ends, and the trunks are a mass of prickly scales.

It was worth it, I really love the elegance of this plant. This particular plant is Cycas revoluta, which is one of the most commonly cultivated cycads and is pretty easy to grow. It’s a lovely thing, even if can sulk for two years before deciding to grow. I do wonder what it’s doing with all that sunlight.

* Or his, cycads being male of female. Until it flowers I won’t know which.

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