Real Treasure in the Garden

The weather this weekend was fantastic – more like June than March – so we were outside and working hard. Achievements included planting potatoes, potting on various plants, tidying up the fruit canes. I also did half of my least favorite job in the garden and trimmed one of the two 70′ leylandii hedges bordering the garden.

The hedges were planted by the previous owners. Much as I dislike the job, they are nicer than fences, and the birds and bees use them for nests.

Garden car - 1One of the last jobs was planting some asparagus. What little we’ve got isn’t doing much so we thought we’d try some more in a different location. While the other half was digging the trench she found this:

It was filled with clay so must have been there for years. A session with the hose and another with a nail brush cleaned it up.

Garden Car - 2


As with a lot of neglected older vehicles the floor pan is shot, but as you can see the wheel arches are in surprisingly good condition.

I’ve no idea what the model is – any suggestions?


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