Cranachan – Again!

Cranachan - ingredients

Cranachan – ingredients

I’ve written before about this delicious, quick and simple, and rather boozy pudding. Yesterday was the first chance* to make it this year, and I went back to same recipe I used in the past.

This time I tried a variation in quantities, which worked well – so here is my definitive recipe for perfect cranachan.

40g medium or coarse oatmeal
200g raspberries
400ml double cream
3 tbsp runny honey
3 tbsp malt whisky

Mash half the raspberries to a pulp and mix into the cream with the honey and whisky. Gently roast the oats, spread on baking tray under the grill until they are just beginning to brown. Stir in the rest of the raspberries, add all but a teaspoon of the oats. Mix gently, and serve, sprinkled with a few roast oats. This makes plenty for four.

Secret tip: Leave for ten minutes before serving – the flavours mix, mingle and strengthen.

Our favourite whisky for this, as for whisky toddies, is Famous Grouse. The balance of flavours is just right. We’ve tried a few good single malts and surprisingly they are just not as good.- either too subtle and soft, or too single-note peaty.

Cranachan – definitely the porridge of the Gods.


* Not that the crop has been bad this year, it’s been brilliant and we’ve been picking them pretty much every day to eat fresh for breakfast.


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  1. Nom nom nom. Burns Night food is delicious. I baked the Birsay Biscuits again last weekend, and there was something about that whole oaty beremeal thing that was so comforting. Anyhoo, you can never have enough boozy puddings.

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