Free Fiction – The Deep One

If you like Cthulhu stories… If you like Cowboys… If you like erotica… Then maybe you’ll enjoy The Deep One, a tale of cowboys, Cthulhu, and  erotica. If you do, you can find more of my stories in Open Waters, … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Beer O’Clock

He’d survived it all, and more. He’d taken every hellish thing life had thrown at him and here he was, under blue skies with sand between his toes. Alf limped back from the café, two ice-cream cones in his good … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Beer O’Clock

Last night the lights came down from the sky, the first time for years. Marek watched from the stern rail as they pelted away, silent and golden. Afterwards, he went down to his cabin, undressed, and climbed into bed beside … Continue reading

Free Fiction – Where the Sun Shines Brightly

Not only is Where the Sun Shines Brightly one of the winners of the 2011 Aeon Award, it’s also one of the stories from Open Waters, my collection from theEXAGGERATEDpress. If that wasn’t enough, you can read it free here: … Continue reading