Excellent News

I could not be happier! I can now share some news that I have known about for a few days: My short story ‘Warm Gun’ has been awarded first place in the 2016 BFS Short Story competition. This is an … Continue reading

Redensive Epiphanies – A New Anthology

I’m happy and proud to announce the birth of my second* publication/editing project – The Redensive Epiphanies of Pouty McNavel. Epiphanies is an archetypal slim volume. It’s not made of genre, but it’s spiced and seasoned by it. One story … Continue reading

Open Waters – Now on Kindle!

My short story collection, ‘Open Waters’, from TheEXAGGERATEDPress, is now available as an e-book from all the usual places. Open Waters has sixteen of my short stories, a mix of SF and fantasy and the strange, including four never previously … Continue reading

Free Story – Geronimo’s Cadillac

Here’s another free story – this one’s about war, the invasion of an alien planet, and what happens when it all goes horribly wrong.. This particular story had about the longest gestation of any I’ve written so far. Although I … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Pillow Talk

The fight was over. Grishnak checked the old man’s kit: a pointed hat, an empty pouch, a big stick. Further back in the cave Krange crouched over the smaller body. ‘Anything?’ Grishnak called. Krange help up an over-large dagger. Too … Continue reading

Friday Flash – She’s Just a Kid

‘What’s that got to do with anything? Look at her.’ Angry, Hulce banged the cage with his mace. Angry, and frightened too. They had captured grey children before. It wasn’t easy. Scissor men and ghouls always followed close behind, the … Continue reading

Free Fiction – The Deep One

If you like Cthulhu stories… If you like Cowboys… If you like erotica… Then maybe you’ll enjoy The Deep One, a tale of cowboys, Cthulhu, and  erotica. If you do, you can find more of my stories in Open Waters, … Continue reading

16 Tales of Terrible Beauty

Open Waters, my first short story collection is now available from the publisher’s website. If you’d rather have an e-book, then the Kindle version is coming very soon. (And if you’re subscribed to this blog you’ll see my post here … Continue reading

Open Waters – Cover Art

Here is the cover of my new short story collection, Open Waters, from theEXAGGERATEDpress. Daniele Serra has created a wonderful impressionistic cover, the style and use of light reminds me of Turner and Manet. I am indeed a lucky man. … Continue reading

Honourable Mention – Year’s Best SF

Hurrah! I’ve just discovered my short story ‘All Your Futures Are Belong to Us’ from ARC 1.3 magazine has an honourable mention in Gardner Dozois’ The Year’s Best SF, vol 30. I’m told there’s a good crop of other ARC … Continue reading