Friday Flash – Cold Comfort Farm

Cold Comfort Farm ‘What are you doing?’ he cried, clutching his briefcase.  ‘Where are your morals?’ Kim sprawled naked on the king-size bed, half buried in heaps of euros, yen and rouble notes.  ‘You can’t blame a girl for having … Continue reading

Journey Planet – Hugo Nominated

Journey Planet is one of the best fanzines there is, with each issue themed on one of the many facets of genre fiction, fandom, books, writing, and society. Now it’s been nominated for the Hugo Award for best fanzine, for … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late “To facilitate our meeting I will wear a green carnation in the button-hole of my Pedro Agenbite suite, a salmon-pink Ben Broccolli shirt, and shoes by Gabriel Kriepescu.  A copy of Pravda will be on the table and … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Twenty-Second Century Blues

Twenty-Second Century Blues Chloe found Milo weeping by the ruins. ‘We’re so different from past civilisations,’ he said. ‘I feel sorry for them too.  Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, even the North American empires.  In the end their hopes and dreams … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Pretty Please

Pretty Please Kaltenbruner checked Tiffany’s bonds. ‘Potassium metal placed on your scalp will burn as soon as it touches the moisture in your skin.  The reaction is highly exothermic.  Your skin will blister and break so bringing more water, in … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Greyscale Ocean

Here’s the next of my 100 word stories in the Spiral Staircase sequence. Greyscale Ocean Grant’s blistered palms bled, the harness rubbed skin raw under his arms.  Still the great fish fought him, pitching its primeval strength against his skill … Continue reading

Friday Flash – A Spiral Staircase

A while ago I wrote a series of 100-word stories – exactly 100 words, including the title, with a group of other writers. It was good fun, an interesting discipline, and nothing much came of it.  Later on I reworked … Continue reading