Review – The Beauty, by Aliya Whiteley

An isolated group of men live in a world without women.  Over the years they have learned to accept this fact, and that they will be the final generation.  It has not been easy. Each of them has their demons … Continue reading

Review – The Honours, by Tim Clare

This is a bold, brave and brilliant book, just like its hero, thirteen years old Delphine Venner. It’s 1935 and troubled Delphine, recently expelled from school, goes to the isolated Alderberen estate with her mother and equally troubled father. An … Continue reading

Book Review – The Corruption of Farbell Gifford

The universe of self-published fiction has its vast and empty reaches of nothing much at all, and a scatter of planets that can appear less interesting the closer you approach. It also has its stars. This book is one of … Continue reading

Review – The Last Flight of the Brobdingnag

Here’s a strange one. I first came across the opening chapters of this oddly charming and compelling tale anonymously posted on Tumblr a couple of years ago. Since then I’d been wondering, off and on,  if the full story would … Continue reading

Review – Surface Detail, by Ian Banks

Two alliances of civilisations are fighting a virtual war over artificial hells. Depending on your viewpoint the right, or the wrong, side is winning. Needless to say, the Culture has an interest in the outcome. Bank’s penultimate Culture novel, is … Continue reading

Fiction and Climate Change

I’ve just finished reviewing Tony White’s riveting novel Shackleton’s Man Goes North for Arc magazine, a novel about the past, present, and future of climate change. One thing he’s interested in is seeing how we can predict what the future … Continue reading

Dinosaurs in my attic

Dinosaurs are brilliant.  When I was young collecting tea cards was pretty good too.  These were illustrated cards that came in loose tea packets (tea bags weren’t proper, not in my house), for collection in albums.  I had a good … Continue reading

Review – The Steel Seraglio

Sentenced to death in the desert, the concubines of a fallen sultan instead free themselves and evade the pursuit of the fanatical new ruler of their city, Hakkim Mehdad. Out of nothing, they and their allies – robbers and storytellers, … Continue reading