Friday Flash – This is what you want(?)

This is What You Want (?) Turning from the languid fish in the city aquarium she stepped back into the heat and noise, watching the prototype children running, their dimpled knees and sandaled feet jerking as they yelled. These days … Continue reading

2012 in Writing – Getting there

2011 felt like treading water.  In some ways that was OK – I’d just bought a house and there was lots of time to be spent and pleasure to be had there – decorating, settling into the garden, and putting … Continue reading

My Writing Group – The T Party

If you’re interested in finding out more about my writing group, you can read about it here in an interview with Rebeccah Giltrow. Also, there’s oodles of stuff on the group web site itself, natch.     … Continue reading

Aargh – they got me!

The fragrant and talented Gaie Sebold tagged me in The Next Big Thing writers blog hop.  So, here goes: 1. What is the title of your book? Good question, well put, and one I intend to answer fully in due … Continue reading

One substantial step

Last week I signed a contract with Colin Tate at Clarion Publishing to publish my near-future SF novel.  After jumping around the room, doing the happy dance, and wagging my finger at the universe in that ‘I told you so’ … Continue reading

An old yacht sails again

  Many years ago, this yacht lamp used to belong to my grandmother, who told me it was made by a WWII Polish refugee.  It hadn’t worked for a long time, so I decided to see if I could dismantle … Continue reading