Jack Vance – Farewell

Jack Vance, one of the all-time great storytellers and literary stylists of genre fiction passed away on 26th March, 2013, aged 96. I love his story-telling, his exuberant and unique writing style. I’ve written a brief appreciation over at the … Continue reading

Times of Trouble anthology released

This is nice. Times of Trouble (A Time-Travel Anthology) is released this week by Permuted Press. Edited by the ever-charming Lane Adamson, this includes my story, Previous, as well as contributions from Stephen Gaskell, Ruth Nestvold, and many more. Permuted … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Epilogue

Epilogue ‘Just leave him alone, Pablo.  He’s in one of his moods.’ Pablo looked at his grandfather more sympathetically than his mother.  The old man was rich, but he’d grown up poor, missing out on many things his own generation … Continue reading

Why I Hate Genre

Last week I went to see Karl Wallinger and World Party at the brilliant ‘Under the Bridge’ Venue. Chances are you’ll never have heard of them, though their second album, Goodbye Jumbo, was Q magazine album of the year (1990). … Continue reading

Friday Flash – The Spade

The Spade He loved the desert, loved the stillness and the parched sky.  Loved feeling the sun pushing down on the world like a hot hand. It was so hot the entire universe seemed paralysed.  At night cold stars blazed … Continue reading

Shopocalypse cover art

Here’s the cover art for ‘Shopocalypse’, my near future SF novel, and now officially announced by Clarion Publishing. The artist is Ben Baldwin,  I think he has absolutely caught the mood of the book, and it looks great. Right now … Continue reading

Friday Flash – It’s Just ‘Me, me, me’

It’s just ‘Me, me me’ ‘Oh, for God’s sake.’  Taylor banged the tinned tuna onto the worktop, glaring at the can opener. ‘What’s up?’ ‘You’d think by now we’d be able to make something that doesn’t break.’ Leaning on the … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Down, but not out

Down, but not out Tension drained from him as he watched the land drop away.  Settling back into his seat, thoughts of the glittering beaches of his destination filled him with less enthusiasm than he hoped.  Despite everything, the past … Continue reading

Journey Planet – Hugo Nominated

Journey Planet is one of the best fanzines there is, with each issue themed on one of the many facets of genre fiction, fandom, books, writing, and society. Now it’s been nominated for the Hugo Award for best fanzine, for … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Neon God

Neon God Three things were certain: she was beautiful, naked, and dead. The bullet holes in her forehead and between her dazzling breasts were actually the halves of maraschino cherries dripping red syrup, the needle marks in the crook of … Continue reading