Shopocalypse,  cover by Ben BaldwinShopocalypse

Novik studied the car, goggle-eyed, ‘You’re a real talking car?’

‘Yes, sir, I am.’
‘That is so cool.’
‘Thank you, sir.’ 

What They Say

“Huge, enthralling, packed with bold ideas and genre-shattering extrapolations… Seriously, you need this book.” – Mike Carey (The Girl With All The Gifts, Unwritten)

“Clever, dark and often very funny satire.” – Chris Beckett (Dark Eden)

“A sharp and witty take on the perils of consumerism. To be honest, it was fairly terrifying — very believable” Francis Knight (The Rojan Dizon series)

“Subversive. Hilarious. Touching. Brilliant.” – Jaine Fenn (Hidden Empires series)

What It’s About

Novik is an idealist on the run in a talking car with a trunk full of hot money. The first female President of the USA is mad. The richest man who ever lived can’t save his gigantically obese daughter. A few days from now there will be global nuclear war.

The End is so Nigh the aliens have turned up to watch.

To save the world and a dying girl, Novik has to buy everything. Absolutely all of it. Right now.  To do that, he needs all the money in the world. Every single penny. His girlfriend is right beside him, the car wants to be his friend. Everyone else wants him dead.

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