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Life is definitely too short.  There are so many interesting things to do, and not enough time to try them all.  Much as I’d like to have a go at everything, I try to keep myself focused in my passions: writing, leather crafts, and gardening.

They are, if you like, the itches I can’t stop scratching. They are also excellent prevarication – I can work at one of them while avoiding another, and I’m still being useful.

You should always have two or three passions.  More than that and you spread yourself too thin.  One obsession is, of course, too much.

And talking.  Talking to each other is one of the nine* great joys.

You can mail me at dg(at)davidgullen(dot)com


*Or maybe it’s nineteen. I just wrote nine without thinking. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

Or we can do it this way:

Over 30 of my short stories have appeared in Nature, Stupefying Stories, F&SF (forthcoming) and other magazines and anthologies. I am a winner of the 2016 British Fantasy Society short story competition, and I am an alumnus of the Milford SF Writers convention. I have also been a judge for the Arthur C. Clarke and James White Awards.

I was born in Africa, baptised by King Neptune, and raised in England. I live in South London with the fantasy writer Gaie Sebold behind several tree ferns.


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