Welcome! Here are the short story anthologies I have edited and published.

REPM - Front Cover - SquareThe Redensive Epiphanies of Pouty McNavel

Victim or perpetrator, woman and man,
She’s on a journey, he’s on a quest.
Doing what we all do – trying to understand.
It’s just beyond his grasp; she knows it’s round the next corner.

REPM - Dict - Scan - Blurr

An illustrated anthology of alternative lives and journeys.

” I enjoyed all of the stories and the exploration of just what it all means. And I think you will too.” – suttope, librarything

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* Recommended format with a square page.

MMind Seed Lulu 6x9_Front_Coverind Seed

“I would recommend the ‘Mind Seed’ anthology to all Science Fiction fans as it’s something you will read and read again.” – SFcrowsnest

Nine classic and original science fiction stories from exceptional contemporary writers, including Shirley Jackson Award Nominee Rosanne Rabinowitz, Aeon Award winner Nina Allen, and Ian Whates.

Nine stories that will take you to the worlds we may live in tomorrow, into deep space, and towards the far future of humanity. Nine different explorations of what it is to be human.

This anthology is inspired by the work and writing of Denni Schnapp (1964-2013, Biologist, SF writer, and traveller.

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