The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms, Chapter 55 – Relax

Authors Note: Well, that thing I hoped might work out, didn’t. That’s OK, it was a long shot and out of the blue. I have returned to Plan A, which is to keep posting here, and work towards a fully edited and proofed print and e-book version. Meanwhile – enjoy!

Chapter 55 – Relax

Copyright David Bezzina, 2017‘We’re just about on time.’ Koponen fretfully checked his watch. The journey had taken far longer than he had hoped. Although they could still leave on a falling tide he had wanted to leave on the rise, it somehow felt right. Now the sun was setting, and thankfully the dense evening urban traffic of Southampton flowed smoothly.

They were nearly there. Koponen settled back, letting himself relax for the first time that day.

A muffled bang came from the rear of the car.

‘What was that?’ Koponen exclaimed. ‘We hit something.’

‘Relax,’ Jarglebaum said. ‘There was nothing, I’d have seen it. It’s probably your stuff settling in the boot.’

‘I felt it. There was a bump. Keep your eyes on the road.’ Koponen slumped back, then started forward in alarm. ‘Now I can hear hissing. I was right, you hit something. We have a puncture.’

‘I can hear it too,’ Tim said.

Jarglebaum swung the wheel back and forth. ‘The car’s handling fine. This babe is a dream to drive.’ He caught Koponen’s glare and turned forward to hide his smirk. ‘Look, if it is a puncture it’s a slow one. There’s just a couple of miles to go and we’ve got a spare. Even if we need to change the wheel we’ll only lose a few minutes. I’m sure Tim will be happy to help, won’t you buddy?’

‘Not with my back.’

‘What’s wrong with your back?’ Koponen was suddenly sympathetic. ‘I’ve had problems, I know how it feels. No-one believes you.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with his back,’ Jarglebaum called out. ‘He’s lying.’

‘There should have been plenty of time,’ Koponen muttered. ‘Those road works–’

‘Nothing to do with me, I’m just the driver,’ Jarglebaum said. ‘Relax. I’ll get you there.’

To be continued…

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