The Girl from a Thousand Fathoms, Chapter 48 – The Price

Chapter 48 – The PriceThe Girl from a Thousand Fathoms. Cover art by David Bezzina (c) 2017

Electra sat on the white leather settee, a portable console on her lap. ‘The one on the desk has stopped sending.’

‘Wassiter’s not a complete dunce,’ Dolores said.

‘Not completely.’ Electra returned to studying the console. The screen displayed a street map and showed a small red blip crawled along one of the roads. ‘It looks like he’s found the one in the handkerchief as well.’

‘Where is it?’

Electra indicated the pulsing dot. ‘On the 79 bus route along the Ditchling Road.’

‘So he’s on the bus,’ Imelda said.

‘Not when the third one is over here.’ Electra pressed a key, the map jerked sideways to display another blip moving more slowly along another road.

‘He dumped it,’ Dolores exclaimed. ‘I spent all day embroidering that.’

‘That’s almost clever.’ Imelda studied the location of the slower moving dot then kissed Electra on the top of her head. ‘We should go.’

‘He’s on foot.’

‘Let’s go!’ Imelda jumped with impatience. ‘This is it. It’s starting to happen, we’re going to do it.’

Electra folded down the console screen. ‘You’re right. Koponen’s ship is about to sail. Warm currents are flowing. The Dreamer will wake.’

Imelda’s eyes glowed. ‘I will be Vammatar.’

‘I will be Loviatar,’ Electra said.

Turning towards Dolores, the two women held out their arms. ‘And you will be Kivutar.’

Butterflies danced in Dolores’ stomach as she stepped into their embrace. ‘And she–?’

‘She will be Kipu-Tytto. She will become Tuoni’s bride and pay the price.’

To be continued…

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