Friday Flash – Desert Night

Desert Night ‘So, yeah, this is where I crash. Come in.’ ‘I found the lamp in a skip. The mattress was already here.’ ‘I need a proper light so I can read.’ ‘The books? Charity shops.’ ‘Yeah, I know it’s … Continue reading

Review: Great Sky River, by Gegory Benford

Benford is one of the SF greats and Great Sky River one of his great books. As an act of imagination it’s a triumph, as a piece of storytelling and writing it is by turns soaring, lyrical, and poetic. And … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Get With The Program

Cervelaf sprawled on his mossy woodland throne. An empty tankard dangled from one finger, his great antlered head lolled. The doe-woman, Devnet, emerged from the forest edge, bow in hand. Graceful as ever, she crossed the clearing and bowed before … Continue reading

Friday Flash – On The Beach

On the Beach The north paddock was waterlogged. McAndrews studied Thea’s letter then walked her to the south side of the village. That runway was in no better condition. ‘When will this weather break?’ Thea said, frustrated. Hastily she added, … Continue reading

Book launch! Shopocalypse!! Free Beer!!!

A last shout-out about the launch party for Shopocalypse.(not that I haven’t mentioned this a bazillion times) Wednesday, 9th October, 18:30, upstairs at the Two Chairmen, 1 Warwick House Street, SW1Y 5AT. (Just off Trafalgar Square.) Hope you can make … Continue reading

Mermaid Rescue

Last weekend we were visiting friends over in New Cross Gate and saw this delightful thing.   We both fell in love with her straight away (this always happens when you see a mermaid).     It was also obvious she … Continue reading

Interview – Bristol Literature Festival

Here’s my recent interview with Sophie Davies of the Bristol Festival of Literature. I’m on of the authors involved in the Kraken Rises open story-writing event, which should be a lot of fun. ~ 1. First of all, we’re massively … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Mother is Late

Mother is Late At a time like this. On days like this. Gehena peered down the empty street then stepped away from the window. The thin curtain fell into place. Gehena subsided into her chair hunched with worry. Shadows swung … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Mexico

Mexico ‘Ready, my Lord?’ It was Lord Ustral now. That was less of a laugh than a sick joke. Ustral scowled at the burning keep across the immense breadth of the turbulent river. His keep. Down on the quay ships … Continue reading

Cover Art – Mick van Houten

Yes, Jack Vance is one of my favourite authors, and Mick van Houten‘s evocative and romantic illustrations added enormously to the editions I owned. To my mind Mick is one of the finest cover artists there is, his covers always … Continue reading