Friday Flash – Ozzie Barfs it Up

Failure used to stick in his gut like a hot coal. Crazed with frustration, he’d trash the room, stamp the wastebin flat, scream and swear. He’d drink until he passed out, sleep all night and half the day and still … Continue reading

ISP Blocks Author Websites – A Christmas Challenge

Tonight my partner and fellow genre writer Gaie Sebold discovered her website was blocked by O2, a major UK ISP, under their ‘Parental Guidance‘ controls.A quick check showed that my web site (gentle reader, the very website you are now … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Bianca at Sea

Bianca at Sea Every day she wore a clean black skirt, a fresh white blouse. Every evening she walked between the tables of the empty restaurant and polished the glasses behind the bar. She served drinks to solitary businessmen and … Continue reading

16 Tales of Terrible Beauty

Open Waters, my first short story collection is now available from the publisher’s website. If you’d rather have an e-book, then the Kindle version is coming very soon. (And if you’re subscribed to this blog you’ll see my post here … Continue reading

Open Waters – Cover Art

Here is the cover of my new short story collection, Open Waters, from theEXAGGERATEDpress. Daniele Serra has created a wonderful impressionistic cover, the style and use of light reminds me of Turner and Manet. I am indeed a lucky man. … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Wilson & Masters

Wilson & Masters They cruised along the elevated section. City lights spread all around them in constellations and reefs of light in an ocean of night. ‘We think we’re at the centre of things but we’re not,’ Masters said. ‘There … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Mr Crane’s Garden

Mr Crane’s Garden  Every night Crane put his shrapnel, the smallest of his small change, in an old glass spaghetti jar. When it was full he took it to the charity shop. Between times it served as a door stop. … Continue reading

Honourable Mention – Year’s Best SF

Hurrah! I’ve just discovered my short story ‘All Your Futures Are Belong to Us’ from ARC 1.3 magazine has an honourable mention in Gardner Dozois’ The Year’s Best SF, vol 30. I’m told there’s a good crop of other ARC … Continue reading

Friday Flash – The Cop

The Cop One day I asked him: How do you cope? He showed me his basement, a well-lit, clean and empty space. Against the back wall was a sea-chest, the old type with iron straps and reinforced corners. The padlock … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Cash Flow Problems

Cash Flow Problems Along these streets people didn’t sit on the carriages, they rode inside them. Night lamps glowed atop metal poles, and high, oh so very high, enormous flying things with motionless wings slid through the rumbling sky. There … Continue reading