Top Ten Writing Tips #2 – Writer’s Block is Your Friend

There’s a lot of opinion on writer’s block, whether its exists, how to get past it, what the whole writing life thing is all about. Here’s some, and here’s some more. Not much is about why we get stuck and … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Copping a Feel

‘Carl, please come down stairs.’ Please. That was something he didn’t often hear. His stepfather’s voice echoed in the stairwell, ‘Your mother and I need to talk to you.’ He’d known this was coming. This was how good times always … Continue reading

Review – Surface Detail, by Ian Banks

Two alliances of civilisations are fighting a virtual war over artificial hells. Depending on your viewpoint the right, or the wrong, side is winning. Needless to say, the Culture has an interest in the outcome. Bank’s penultimate Culture novel, is … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Ayesha Wants In

Ayesha and Gould looked down at the typewriter on the hallway carpet. After all these years it was still here. ‘When I was a child I thought it was normal,’ Gould said. ‘I thought everyone’s parents were like that.’ Ayesha … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Shop Me Deadly

He was uncertain, she was beautiful and flirtatious. His evening went better than ever before. In his mind the moment came. She swept him with her eyes from head to foot. ‘All right.’ Inside his room he relaxed. He took … Continue reading

Shopocalypse – Free Download

You can read the first 100 pages of Shopocalypse here. If you enjoy it you can get the full paperback or e-book here. “…huge, enthralling, packed with bold ideas and genre-shattering extrapolations … Seriously, you need this book.” – Mike … Continue reading

Interview with Daniele Serra, cover artist

Daniele Serra is an award-winning Italian illustrator whose work has been published in Europe, Australia, United States and Japan. He has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine, PS Publishing and many other publications. A recent commission … Continue reading

What’s next? The Future!

You can read my stab at Futorology over on Pete Sutton’s excellent Bristol Book Blog. Thanks Pete! Happy New Year everyone. … Continue reading

Friday Flash – Ozzie Barfs it Up

Failure used to stick in his gut like a hot coal. Crazed with frustration, he’d trash the room, stamp the wastebin flat, scream and swear. He’d drink until he passed out, sleep all night and half the day and still … Continue reading

ISP Blocks Author Websites – A Christmas Challenge

Tonight my partner and fellow genre writer Gaie Sebold discovered her website was blocked by O2, a major UK ISP, under their ‘Parental Guidance‘ controls.A quick check showed that my web site (gentle reader, the very website you are now … Continue reading