“Subversive. Hilarious. Touching. Brilliant.” – Jaine Fenn
“Dave Gullen’s debut novel is huge, enthralling, packed with bold ideas and genre-shattering extrapolations. And his characters get so deep inside your head you’re still arguing with them days later. Seriously, you need this book.” – Mike Carey
“A sharp and witty take on the perils of consumerism. To be honest, it was fairly terrifying — very believable.”Francis Knight

“Global warming has really begun to bite, but human consumption of resources has become more frantic than ever in this clever, dark and often very funny satire on rapacious capitalism.” – Chris Beckett

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Open Waters

Open Waters“Sixteen tales of terrible beauty from the imagination of David Gullen”

Open Waters brings together 12 previously published and 4 brand new stories.

2013, theEXAGGERATEDpress.

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Free Stories:
- Where The Sun Shines Brightly:      (Or read it on Wattpad.)
- The Deep One:                                  (Or read iton Wattpad.)
- All Your Futures are Belong To Us:  (Or read it on Wattpad.)

Short Fiction

Here are some places you can find my stories. Mouse over the covers for more details.

Albedo One #43

Albedo One #43

Fur-lined Ghettos #3 cover

Fur-lined Ghettos #3

Scraps, National flash-fiction cover.

NFFD Flash Anthology

Times of Trouble

Time travel stories, Permuted Press

Catastrophia antho.

Catastrophia anthology, from PS Publishing

Art from Art

Stories inspired by art, from Modernist Press


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