“Subversive. Hilarious. Touching. Brilliant.” – Jaine Fenn

Novik is an idealist on the run in a talking car with a trunk full of hot money. The first female President of the USA is mad. The richest man who ever lived can’t save his gigantically obese daughter. A few days from now there will be global nuclear war.

The End is so Nigh the aliens have turned up to watch.

“Dave Gullen’s debut novel is huge, enthralling, packed with bold ideas and genre-shattering extrapolations. And his characters get so deep inside your head you’re still arguing with them days later. Seriously, you need this book.” – Mike Carey
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Open WatersOpen Waters

“A collection with heart and imaginationPeter Sutton, BRSBKBLOG

Open Waters… Across which the voyager will sail to wars without end and to the hiding places of the desperate survivors of alien invasion, will follow in the footsteps of lonely, far-from-home explorers and colonists, journey back to Creation itself then burrow into the darker recesses of the human psyche.

Sixteen tales of terrible beauty from the imagination of David Gullen

Open Waters brings together 12 previously published stories, and 4 exclusive to this collection.

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    • Hello Emad, that is a very interesting article you linked to there. My best wishes to everyone involved in Egyptian SF.
      You are right, I am a big fan of John Brunner, although it has been a while since I read one of his books. For me Shockwave Rider and Stand on Zanzibar are his two great visionary books. How about you?

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